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About us

At Lions Academy, we are passionate about helping early career researchers
overcome all challenges in finding the best job. We primarily focus on providing courses and knowledge in different verticals, and we have a basket of unique work opportunities for confident and motivated people.
We are here to build up your knowledge and get you onboard with one of our partners, so you can start building up your career path.

Our Mission

To help you become successful professionally
and socially.

Our Vision

Lions Academy is to become a leader in the development of qualified employees and giving them the opportunity to work at the best place.

Our Values

- To train you, educate you, and give you the chance to kick-start your career.

- Always be learning, never stop growing.

- The journey of 1000 miles start with the first step. If you plan to attend one of our courses, why not join us for the next one?

Frequently asked questions

For the time being, all of our courses are being conducted live.

We are being sponsored by a number of companies and we help them find the best employees through the FREE courses we provide.

We give you a kick- start to your career. By passing the course, you will have the chance to work for one of the leading companies.

Please direct additional questions to or use the contact form below.

You can submit your resume by sending us an email to 

If you want to be informed about the available courses, you can send an email to our Online Team at or use the contact form below.

Courses are held all year round. Normally, courses start every Monday and classes are held till Friday.

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